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Engage with Synergy in 2021!

New year, new beginnings!

I'm Candice and would like to introduce you to Synergy Engagement. While Synergy is not totally new, we are in the next phase of our launch! You are now a few sentences in, and I'm sure you're asking, what is Synergy?

We're a communications and public relations company committed to helping organizations take their company to the next level by building a quality communications strategy that's efficient and effective.

We partner with companies and individuals to provide solutions in public relations, communications, crisis and reputation management, strategic partnerships, and community engagement. Simply put, we connect brands to communities.

Throughout the course of my education and career, I have built a significant amount of experience in comm/pr. However, an important thing I've learned throughout my journey is how important relationships are to success in communications, brand, reputation and crisis. So, I decided that not only would I focus on the communications side, I'd be a partner to companies looking to reach the community, build relationships and comprehensively develop strategies that set you apart from others.

A huge thank you to all who have already entrusted Synergy to support your company's goals. I look forward to developing new partnerships for 2021 as we continue to help organizations build.

If this is you, let's chat!

Learn more by clicking HERE.

​Happy New Year!

Candice L. Harrison, MA

President, Synergy Engagement

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